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Pitman & Wardley Associates LLC offers a full range of architectural services, including master planning, interior design and construction consultation on residential, commercial, hospitality and historical projects.

Although Pitman & Wardley Associates LLC is best known for our residential work, the firm has a special interest and design expertise within a historical context, and have completed residential and commercial projects.

Pitman & Wardley Associates takes a holistic approach to their work without entering the process with preconceived notions. Determining a client’s goals and interests is top priority to the architects when approaching the design process. Their primary concern is superior quality in design and a truly happy client. The firm spends a significant amount of time understanding the client’s vision and finds that this is the key to meeting goals.

Many of Pitman & Wardley Associate’s projects give a historical impression, as they blend seamlessly into the local landscape. Once under construction, the firm plays an integral role in projects, working closely with contractors and listening to their suggestions and recommendations for enhancing the job. Pitman & Wardley Associates focuses on the client, concentrating on their goals and desires. The results speak for themselves, with a building of the scope and character envisioned by the client, architect, contractor and interior designers all working as a team. Pitman & Wardley Associates, LLC is Incorporated in MA, NH and RI. Peter Pitman is an Architect who is registered in MA, ME, NH, VT, RI, CT, VA, SC, NC, MI, FL MD. and construction supervisor in Massachusetts and a member of the National Council of Architects and the Architects Review Board. Frank Wardley is an unregistered Designer.

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